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Marilynn Chanski, Candles Made To Order! Started just as any other business, we saw a need and decided to fill the need.† When you go to a store to purchase candles, you will find Rose candles that are pink and Gardenia or Vanilla candles that are white.† However, we wanted Rose candles that were black.† Needless to say, we couldnít find them.† So we decided to make our own.† Soon our relatives wanted certain fragrances in certain colors.† Then our friends.† We started making gifts for our family and friends.† Then our familyís and friendís friends wanted candles.† So we started charging. The we discovered not only did we want different candles, but so did a great many other people.† So we decided to start a business and offer people whatever color and fragrance mix in a candle that they desired.

Marilynn Chanski

1380 Howard Way

Lawrenceville, GA 30043

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